Discoveries At SM Hypermarket

It was the day of our mother’s arrival from Cebu. I had to back out from an event because of this reason. It’s my mother of course, family first. We went to MOA after fetching my mom. We ate at Yoshinoya which I will probably blog about next week. After that, we went to SM Hypermarket. It’s a cool place to buy groceries plus all of their stuff are presented nicely. Just like in the fruit section where the grapes and apples are shown in different varieties and colors. I felt like I was in a NY movie. The staffs are friendly and hospitable. They assist you and give you information in everything you need. I found some interesting stuff there, too like stuffs you don’t see in a regular supermarket. Though taking pictures are prohibited, I couldn’t resist the urge to shoot so I took out my camera phone and pretended that I was texting someone. To the SM people, I’m so sorry but I have to spread the news that you’ve got one of the most beautiful supermarket that I’ve ever been to. More power to SM! They’ve got it all for you, alright.[ad#body-small]

I bought three pieces of hash browns for 24 pesos. McDonald’s sell it for 20+ a piece. Sulit!


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