CLEAR Halloween Night Dance Party

The invite said “Come in sexy black.” I told myself, do I have show some skin in this party? No way, Jose! So I improvised a little bit. The only black in my wardrobe was my black spaghetti strap top and everything else was gray.

As I entered Taste Asia, I saw my blogger friends already comfortably seated. They told me to go to the registration table to register. I was kinda lost amidst the sea of black so I couldn’t find the registration table. I saw a guy who I thought was an usher for the night and asked him in tagalog where the registration table was. I was surprised that I was actually talking to a gorgeous male model whose ethnicity I couldn’t make sense. Monique heard that they’re French. So I asked him again in English and he showed me the way.

At first I thought this was some kind of media event to launch the new CLEAR Shampoo which was being endorsed by Nicole Scherzinger. Did you see her new commercial with CLEAR? Love the music and Nicole! But as the Halloween Night grew deeper, I realized this was purely a dance party and no talk about CLEAR at all. I was never a fan of disco dancing because – I don’t dance. But my blogger friends were there and it became a familiar place. We just went around the room taking pictures, eating and drinking (Coca-Cola products were sold out), listening to DJ Anne Barcelona and Herbie Walton (love their music but I really don’t dance). At 10pm they announce the winners of the sexiest black attire. I didn’t pay much attention to the names but I heard they won an iPod each. Lucky them!

The male and female models were the center of attraction. Instant celebrities, I must say. I admire their energy. Everytime someone would ask to take a picture with them, they just instantly smile, forgetting that they’ve been standing since 7pm.

The guy that I asked for directions is at my left.
I wish I could bring him home and put him inside my “kaban” (chest).
We are so close
Arjhay with the female models

There were also some people who wore costumes. There was one who had a Transformers helmet (Optimus Prime), a lady who wore a crown and a sash that said “Miss Universe 2008″, a girl in a Predator costume, and Ketchup Eusebio who wore a cowboy costume.
The Predator. I think that’s Jane behind the Predator.

Some Miss Earth candidates were there, too. Miss Greece, Miss Canada, Miss England, Miss Tanzania and our Miss Philippines were there. Miss Tanzania was so friendly with everyone. I like her aura. I bet she’ll be Miss Congeniality in the Miss Earth 2008 pageant.
Miss Earth 2008 candidates

I never was a fan of dance parties but this one, I gotta say, changed my whole perpective. Thank you CLEAR!

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Pantene Bloggers Nightout

A unique event was sponsored by Procter & Gamble, makers of Pantene, for bloggers only. It was like taking a break from blogging. I was suffering from “blogger’s” block at the time so it was a really nice friday nightout with some blogger friends. Sumptuous food from Taste Asia was served and drinks on the house. My favorite was Pinya Colada – yummy Pineapple juice with cream, a little vodka and a lot of ice. It felt like I was in the beach, though we were near the bay because it was held in Mall of Asia.
Anyway, Procter & Gamble ceased the moment to introduce the new Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Treatment. It’s the solution to 3 months worth of damage to your hair caused by blow-drying, mousse styling and others. Judy Anne dropped by to tell us about her experience with the product and some picture ops with some lucky bloggers. To end the night, RJ Jimenez was there to serenade us with some really beautiful songs. Here are some photos and videos from the nightout.
Juday with some fans
RJ Jimenez of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 1
L-R: Moi, Audrey, Monique, and Leslie. Enjoying the night.
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How To Party Like A Rockstar

Trenza Salon, a unique beauty salon for the whole family, has just celebrated their 1st year anniversary last October 10. It was a day of great food, relaxing salon services, and fun activities. My fellow bloggers got to play as Rockstars and Divas complete with fedora hats, feather boas, and charm bracelets. Not only that, we had our nails done at the Digital Nail Art Station, sprayed our hair blue and purple at the Kiddie Hair Salon Station, and had a Lemon Grass Foot Spa. Other services available were Hair Spa Services, Glitter Tattoos and much, much more. Since it was a party, there’s always food involved and Simply Delicious worked their magic. They prepared Pasta with Lucban Longganisa, Chicken Lollipops with Honey and Mustard Sauce, and Iced Tea.

A girl’s dream

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