Chocolate Karnival Donuts From Krispy Kreme

I’ve just watched Chocolat on TV and was craving for some chocolate. And then I remembered this.


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In Love With Krispy Kreme Carnival Donuts

Have you already tasted the new donuts from Krispy Kreme? They have some sort of Chocolate Festival going on there. Most of their donuts are now chocolate covered even the raspberry filled, ice cake, and traditional cake. Tagged as Chocolate Karnival, it sure is a fiesta all the time at Krispy Kreme.

The chocolate isn’t thick but when you taste the first bite, it’s like a chocolate bomb. It’s not too sweet either so it’s okay to indulge on these donuts. Try buying a six-piece box for your family. I’m sure they’ll love any pasalubong and the donuts are better shared with someone close to you.

Krispy Kreme Glorietta 4 branch


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