Shoot Out HPV

After Dr. Becky Singson’s talk about cervical cancer, we had a target shooting activity at ARMSCOR Shooting Range in Makati. This is to symbolize our fight against cervical cancer. We had a brief introduction about handling a gun, loading bullets, aiming, firing and other stuff. After that, there was a mini-competition. I was freaking inside. I hate guns but my co-bloggers and friends were so brave to accept the challenge. Why couldn’t I? So I did fire the gun but with much stress. What I truly enjoyed about the target shooting session was loading bullets.



I Survived The La Mesa Ecopark Zip Line

While preparing for a somewhat death-defying stunt, I was humming a song in my head that goes “First I was afraid, I was petrified…”. But we know how the song ended – I Will Survive. Yes, I have conquered my fear of heights for a few minutes, thanks to a super-secure harness in La Mesa Ecopark zip line. Audrey was really enthusiastic about going Zip Lining and I’m glad everyone including Mee-i and Monique did it. Mind you, I was the first in line to glide so I screamed all the way. I was so silly, screaming at the top of my lungs, but I’m glad I did it. I applied what I learned from my Psych degree (glad i still remembered!) which is to get rid of your phobias, you must be continually exposed to your fears. “Face your fears”, ika nga.

The evidence

and after

There’s a lot of things to do in La Mesa Ecopark than you can imagine. You can go wall-climbing, boating, fishing, swimming, biking and other physical activities. They have this beautiful flower terraces, an amphitheather, a fitness trail, butterfly trail, picnic grounds and souvenir shops. What’s more beautiful about La Mesa Ecopark is every time you visit and do stuff here, you are helping the environment because all of the revenues generated goes to the preservation and protection of the La Mesa Watershed. If any of you don’t know, La Mesa Watershed is the primary source of drinking water in Metro Manila. So if you help La Mesa, you’re helping yourself as well.

Wall-Climb here

Boating Station

Petron Flower Terraces

On top of the stairs, you can see the La Mesa Watershed.

The view of the ecopark from the top of the stairs.

The Fishing Wharf

Petron Amphitheater

Lamps at the souvenir shop

Now, how to get there:

From anywhere in EDSA, ride a bus going to Fairview, Quezon City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at United East Fairview Subdivision. Or better yet, tell him that that you’re going to La Mesa Ecopark which is what we did. The conductor was a pleasant one who didn’t need any reminding. We rode from Cubao so we paid around 30 pesos per head. If you’re from Taft Avenue, the fare might be around 50 pesos. If you’re on a tight budget, you can ride the MRT from Taft to GMA-Kamuning Station (14 pesos) then from there, ride a bus going to Fairview, Quezon City (30 pesos). Choose your route.

When you get to the subdivision, ride a tricycle going inside La Mesa Ecopark (about 25 pesos for four people). The entrance to the park costs 50 pesos for persons measuring more than 3 feet in height. Free entrance for persons below 3 feet in height. Better measure your height first before going. LOL. They have special rates for Quezon City residents (40 pesos with valid proof of residence), Quezon City students (20 pesos with valid ID) and Senior citizens (FREE).

The every activity has a corresponding admission rates like boating (100 pesos for 4 persons for 30 minutes), fishing (80pesos per kilo of fish, 20 pesos for rod rental), zip-line (100 pesos per person), biking (50-80pesos per hour), swimming (80 pesos for persons measuring more than 3 feet in height, 40 pesos for persons measuring less than 3 feet in height and you have to wear proper swimming attire). I didn’t check out how much the rates are for paint ball, butterfly trail, and the picnic grounds but it’s all cheap. So, what are you waiting for! Check La Mesa Ecopark‘s website for more details.

Photo Credits: Audrey (1st-3rd and 5th)

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Reliving The Street Games In Havaianas Playback

It was a sunny yet cloudy afternoon at Bonifacio High Street that I got to play the old street games of my childhood. It’s good to know that there are still people who like to play the old games. With our technology these days like computer games, gadgets and internet, we forget what we used to do to have fun. It was also an educational event for the present children who don’t know tumbang preso, piko, patintero, sipa, sungka, Chinese garter and lakad lata. I even saw an American family playing our games.
Piko, a Filipino street game

Patintero with some bloggers
Though I’m not a master in the arts of Chinese garter or sipa, I enjoyed trying every Filipino game stored for us. Piko was one of my favorite games and so was sunka so i got to play it again. For every game that you play in Havaianas Playback, you get a score of either 3 for the low score 0r 5 for the top score. I got a 5 in Chinese garter though I didn’t jump in the last line because it was too high for me. The girl in-charge told me that I can just stretch my leg up high and step on the garter. So I did, and I got a 5 for that. Cheating, hahaha! But it was fun!
Sungka Station


We got some prizes at the Prize Station from Havaianas for playing the games. I got 2 Havaianas lanyards and I swapped the other one with Havaianas pencils and padpaper from Audrey. Plus a Havaianas kite and magnetic clips that look like Havaianas slippers. I gave my prizes to my nephew and he loved it. We tried to fly the kite when we went to Ateneo Open Field but it kept on raining. Maybe in the summer or on a sunny day. It will come i’m sure and my nephew couldn’t wait for that.

Prize Station
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Archers In Ateneo

Nope, this isn’t a death match. Alarming as it sounds, but this doesn’t involve any La Salle Green Archers or Ateneo Blue Eagles. It’s about the 3rd Leg Asian Archery Grand Prix 2008 and Southeast Asian Archery Federation Championships (SEAAF). Archers from 9 Asian countries will compete for this event from October 25 to 31 at Ateneo Football Field. For spectators who want to watch this Archery competition, there is no admission fee though you might have to log-in in the guard’s logbook for security reasons. For more information please visit their website. So, let’s go to Ateneo to watch the Archers.

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