Free Taste Of World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Kape Ti Musang and Kape Milo is touted to be the world’s most expensive coffee at P14,000/kilo as compared to P150-300/kilo of usual Philippine Coffees. The coffee beans are “harvested” by wild cats in the rainforests in Benguet and Mindanao and is known by different local names but generally called Kape Ti Musang. Now, coffee aficionados can get a free taste of this popular and sensational coffee at COFFEE ORIGINS, the annual coffee festival of the Philippine Coffee Board. The first 50 visitors of COFFEE ORIGINS at the Greenbelt 5 and Greenbelt 3 malls will get a free taste of this expensive coffee on October 17 and 18. The free coffee is sponsored by CAFEX, roasters of Batangas Harvest, Café Montealto and Continental Coffee and Cordillera Coffee of Frank and Grace Young.


Come to the COFFEE ORIGINS Festival from October 13 to 21 at Greenbelt 3 and October 13-26 at Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center. Many other coffees from small estates in the country will be sampled for free during the two-week event. Log on to www.coffeeboard.com.ph to join Coffee Farm tours and seminars this October, in celebration of Coffee Month.


Market One At The Lung Center Of The Philippines

If you’ve got nothing to do on a Sunday morning, go to Market One at the Lung Center grounds in Quezon City. We usually go there at 8am when we need to buy fresh meat, fruits and vegetables for the week. It’s also a good excuse to eat breakfast outside of the house if you guys get a bit lazy to cook for a family of four on Sunday mornings.

At Market One, you’ll find longganisa from Quezon province, empanada of Vigan, coffee from Benguet and others. If you’ve been to these places and you miss eating their delicacies or specialties, then Market One is the place for you. If you’re lucky, you might even see celebrities and politicians doing their shopping chores. We once shared a table with Cong. Butch Abad of Batanes who casually sipped coffee and talking to the stall owner.

Aside from these, there are also people who sell slippers, shoes, shirts, blouses, pants, bags, antiques, potted plants and flowers, toys, pets, fresh fruit juices, viands et al. You name it, it’s all here. Some of my fab finds are Crocs slippers at 500 pesos a pair, a bag made from unused jeans and decorated with sequins for 200 pesos, striped pants for 300 pesos, and blankets with cute designs for 180 pesos.

Check out the pics:

Crocs at 300-500 pesos per pair

blankets for 180 pesos

potted plants for decoration

pets for sale

juicy hamon!

embutido for 90 pesos

longganisa from Lucban, Quezon

dried fish


Nationalism Through Coffee Drinking

After dropping my nephew to school, I decided to stroll around UP Diliman again to shed off some of that Christmas fat. I walked through UP’s lagoon when I remembered this coffee shop named Cordillera Coffee at the side of Vargas Museum where we had breakfast of brown rice before. Remembering my sister’s words of “not to eat when you’re not hungry”, I decided to only order a cup of cafe mocha there.


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