Arroceros Forest Park

Arroceros Forest Park is a bit of land beside the Quezon Bridge and Pasig River, and across LRT Central Terminal Station. You might have heard about it from the new Echo-Kristine soap “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” on ABS-CBN. Echo’s character waits every day for Kristine’s character on the bridge of that park . It’s their supposed meeting place after being separated since childhood.


I visited that park after buying some stuff in Quiapo. You wouldn’t know that this bit of land across Central Terminal Station is a park. It’s fenced up which gives a notion to passers-by that it’s off limits to the public. There’s a guard house beside the gate. As you enter, you’ll then see a two-storey building on the right. The building is the office of the City Schools Division. The park was closed to the public after ex-Mayor Lito Atienza converted the park as government office. But present Mayor Alfredo Lim reopened the park to the public in 2007.


The place has a quiet and cool atmosphere. The place looks like it’s not well-maintained but you can sit on one of the benches, appreciate the stillness of the surroundings and enjoy nature. The bridge in the middle of the park that was used as one of the locations in the soap opera is already destroyed. And the pond below it doesn’t look like there’s fish in it. But I can see a group of frogs swimming in the water. I hope the people in charge of rehabilitating the park could fix this soon. It can be a tourist attraction for those who watch and enjoy the soap.


  • edelweiza says:

    ang lapit lapit nito smin pero di ko pa napupuntahan to.bilib na ko syo abbie, sama mo naman ako minsan sa discovering pinas adventure mo! hehe. :)

  • Abbie says:

    mainit kasi nung afternoon na yon at nasa manila na din ako kaya hinanap ko. ang dali lang pala hanapin. sa baba lang ng central terminal station. salamat sa directions pala Eds. diba nagtanong ako sayo kung saan banda yung Arroceros? :D

    Cge ba, next time isasama kita. master mo yung Manila eh. :D

  • Arjun Charles Jacob P. Maquiling says:

    Hi , Tita Abbie
    Ang ganda ng website mo

    Greeting ,

  • Oliver Rojo says:


    Alam nyo po ba yung upcoming activities dyan this April 18th? Do you have any idea?

  • tamagotchi says:

    panu ito puntahan with a car? saan ako papasok? tnx a lot po

    • admin says:

      i’m not sure about the traffic route coz i dont have a car. :) but put it this way – if you’re near sm manila, you just follow the road going to central station. the park is across central station’s entrance.

  • mil tan says:

    hello may i know if they allow prenuptial shoots here? and how to get there? i know central station is the park infront of the bus terminals? thanks

    • admin says:

      hi there! it’s a public park so i think it’s ok to shoot there. beside arroceros park is a police station/fire station. you wouldn’t miss it. kalinya xa ng lrt.

  • Sheena Bree says:

    Salamat sa pag’share Abby. Ang ganda! :)

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