This Sexy Soltazza Is Your Personal Barista

I personally love coffee and sometimes dream of becoming a barista. Aren’t you curious on how baristas make your coffeee? I do. I always wonder what makes an amazingly delicious Cafe Mocha? Is it the whole milk? Is it the espresso shot? Or just the chocolate syrup?

Good thing that OWG Coffee Co. imported the Soltazza MiniBarista in the Philippines. You can now be a self-proclaimed barista or even have your own with Soltazza. Just insert a coffee pod in the Soltazza, press one of the buttons with a cup logo, then after a few seconds your favorite coffee is ready to serve. Soltazza doesn’t only make a Cafe Americano but it can also make an Espresso, a Cafe Latte, or even a Cappuccino.

This slick, sexy, coffee machine can comfortable fit inside one of your kitchen compartments due to its size. The Soltazza MiniBarista is suitable for the office pantry so employees don’t have to go out of the office to buy coffee from the nearest coffee shop. This can also be a first Espresso machine for coffee shops that are still in the first few weeks or months of business. The Soltazza MiniBarista can also be installed in hotel rooms which can be placed in a cupboard or a small compartment.

Worried about what kind of coffee flavor to make with Soltazza MiniBarista? OWG Coffee Co. has specially manufactured world-class coffee beans into coffee pods. Some flavors include Milano Dekaf, Italiano Espress, Africa French Toast, Popayan Colombian Dekaf and now our very own Philippine Barako. Prices of the coffee pods range from 18-30 per pod and you can buy it per piece with OWG Coffee Co. Other coffee pod brands also fit with Soltazza MiniBarista.

For more information about Soltazza MiniBarista, please visit You can also visit their showroom at G/F Nobel Plaza, 110 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City and prepare to be amazed.

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Discover A Low-Risk Investment In These Trying Times

The worldwide economy might be recessing for now but no one can stop people from investing their money in the stock market or in other similar fields of investment. My sister, for one would like to invest so she’s appointing me to attend this seminar about stock market. I have to listen intently and take down notes. This is her bonus we’re talking about. It’s a risk though in the end it could be worth it. Choosing the right stocks to invest in is a must.

Another way of investing your money is by buying jewelry. One of the reasons why this is so popular is because it’s not a fad, meaning gold diamonds are always in. It’s also in our way of life. Waering jewelry has been a part of our culture even before the Spaniards came. Indigenous Pinoys wear a lot of jewelry and it was also used for barter trades. Another reason is it’s a low-risk investment because you won’t have to pay a large amount to own a pair of earrings. Should you ever need money, you can always pawn your jewelry to the nearest pawnshop which is really convenient.

If you are interested to buy fine quality jewelry, drop by Just Jewels with branches in SM Megamall, Glorietta 4, Festival Supermall, SM Mall of Asia, SM City Manila, SM City Southmall, SM City Cebu, and Ayala Center Cebu. This unique jewelry store, that sells jewelry by the gram is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Buying jewelry by the gram assures clients that they’ll only be paying the exact retail price of the jewelry in the market today. Not only that, Just Jewels’ staff had undergone extensive trainings on appraisal and pricing techniques. It is made sure that the client are guided by highly trained professionals in the world of Gemology.

Just Jewels’ General Manager Ms. Tricie Mojica with staff

So if you want to start investing, try to start in a small investment like jewelry. And at Just Jewels, you’ll not only find beautiful jewelry pieces that suits your budget, but also your tastes.

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